Madden Content Creators

Rage Rell

Rage Rell is an up and coming Madden coach. He started off his journey on Madden 20 showing how to run pro level offenses/defenses and did not look back. His channel teaches you how to run the high level meta and off meta formations for both offense/defense with his own unique setups. In addition to teaching in practice mode, he also shows actual online gameplay that goes along with the schemes.


Goated Millz

Goated Millz is another up and coming Madden coach that also started his journey in Madden 20. He began by posting primarily money plays and offensive schemes. As his channel started to grow more and more popular, he began to post more offensive/defensive schemes and Ultimate Team content. He currently posts mostly money schemes and Ultimate Team content.



Blackreign4 is known as one of the best Regs players in the world. He started off his journey by posting his casual Regs gameplay on Madden 20. He quickly began to climb the Regs leaderboards until he was the #1 ranked player in the world. He also proved that he could dominate the Regs leaderboards on either system. His channel is built around not only teaching you how to play the game, but also on how to make high level decisions while playing both casually and competitively.



Throne started his rise to the top in Madden 17. At that time, his channel was primarily focused on meta offensive/defensive schemes and Ultimate Team content. He eventually began to get more and more popular in the Madden community while also becoming a pro madden player in the process. His channel is now mostly dedicated to posting both casual and competitive Ultimate Team gameplay.


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