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Our coaching sessions are a bit different than other websites. Our coaches will set a specific date and time that they will be available to coach you. Unlike other websites, you will be in small groups for your coaching session. This will allow you to learn from other people’s questions and concerns. What makes this style effective, is that there are only 10 players max per coaching session. This will allow you to still be able to directly ask your coach any questions or concerns that you may have, as if it were just you and him there. 

After the purchase is complete, you will get a confirmation email. You will also receive a special link that you will go to on your scheduled session start time.

Yes, as long as you directly reach out to your coach within 24 HOURS of the SCHEDULED TIME. Your coach’s social media information can be found on our “Madden Content Creators” page inside of the “All Things Madden” menu tab.

Want To Host Your Own Coaching Session?

This is just one of the many perks that we offer our team members. To view the requirements and apply, follow the link below! 

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